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Soil Evaluation and/or Drainfield Design Request.
Please provide the following information

Builder/Owner name:  
City, State Zip: 
Planned number of bedrooms:  .
Will a basement with plumbing be planned: 
County tax map or GPIN number: 
Subdivision:  ________________            Section:  ________________Lot#:
Address of property (if available):

Please furnish if available(by fax or email):  Plat, Site Plan or Tax Map and Foundation Footprint

        (If a CAD file of the plat or site plan is available please e-mail to
and We will contact you by phone or e-mail
Drainfield Design - permit application within 12 months
Certification Letter - soil evaluation and abbreviated design for building at some time in the future
Soil Evaluation and Report - property purchase (not for presentation to the health department)
Other:  Please specify