Environmental Soil Consultants, LLC' s (ESC) experienced soil scientists provide professional services for development projects involving soil mapping, soil evaluations and onsite sewage disposal documentation and design.  These soil investigations can be tailored to meet the needs of projects ranging from single lots to large subdivisions and commercial developments.  Our primary focus is to meet our client’s individual soils support needs in a timely, cost-effective manner.  We maintain close working relationships with state and local health departments and our staff is involved in numerous professional soil associations.  Below are brief descriptions of the services ESC provides:
ESC provides the professional Soil services you need at affordable prices. Locally owned and operated
Soil Feasibility Mapping
The Soil Feasibility Map is designed to provide a planning tool for the layout of subdivisions or commercial projects that require onsite sewage disposal systems such as individual septic tank drainfields and/or mass drainfields.  ESC Soil Scientists field map the soils of the project and prepare a map and report showing the distribution of the soils of the site based on their potential for use with onsite sewage disposal systems.  The soil feasibility map should be completed as part of the preliminary evaluation of a site for development.
Subdivision - Drainfield Documentation
ESC’s Soil Scientists are experienced in the evaluation of soils for the maximization of lot yield within proposed subdivisions.  We perform a field evaluation of the soils of each proposed lot to determine its suitability for the installation of an onsite sewage disposal system.  ESC prepares the detailed soil reports required by the local county health departments for subdivision certification and coordinates all subdivision approvals with the local health departments.  ESC works with the developer/engineer to produce a Homesite Map for the subdivision showing the proposed location of the homesites, drainfields and driveways, providing a beginning template for the subdivision.
Single Lot - Drainfield Investigation
ESC Soil Scientists are experienced in the evaluation of soils for the installation of an onsite sewage disposal system for single lots.  We approach each lot creatively, taking into account landscape position, potential homesite location and soils before recommending the onsite system that best suits the parcel.  Once suitable soils are documented, ESC Soil Scientists prepare the soil reports required by the local health departments for single lot certification and coordinates with the local county health department as needed.  We work with the owner to meet their report level needs ranging from a draft report, indicating a site that meets the regulations, to a final report for presentation to the health department for lot certification.
Chesapeake Bay Opt-Out
ESC Soil Scientists can evaluate property to determine if part or all of a site can be exempted from the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance in counties that allow opt-out.  We complete a detailed soil map and perform the necessary calculations to determine the Erodability Index for the soils and slopes of the property.  A report is submitted to the County recommending that a portion or all of the property meets the opt-out criteria and may be exempted from the County Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance. ESC ecologists and engineers can also be of assistance working with the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance.
LID Soil Evaluation
ESC Soil Scientists document the soils of proposed LID facilities for permeability, depth to water table and depth to rock.  The soil evaluation includes descriptive profiles to a minimum of four feet below the planned facility, provides estimates of permeability and indicates depth to any restrictive zones within the soil profile. .
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Contaminated Soil Sampling
ESC Soil Scientists will perform soil sampling on contaminated sites working as a third party in the chain of custody.  We will coordinate soil testing laboratory.  ESC will provide a Soil Report summarizing the testing procedure and results.